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Brindley Electrical Services offers Electrical and controls experience for both existing and new facilities. High voltage Electrical installation as well as Low Voltage controls in the field of Energy Management Control Systems (EMCS), Integrated Technology Projects management and support. management.

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DDC Controls

Choosing the right DDC installation partner is critical to a successful and timely turn over to your customer. BES is proficient with all popular controls manufactures whether LON, BacNet, Arcnet or Modbus we are trained and ready to meet your specific needs.



New California Title 24 parameters demand the most in design and accountability, we can help you through your design and budget.

Adaptive lighting automation for optimum energy savings in both retrofit projects and new-construction standards compliance.


Power Systems

Combined Heat & Power - Co-Generation, Photo Voltaic, Energy recovery, Hybridizing, Occupancy Sensors, proven technologies that operate together for the concurrent generation of electricity.


Energy Management

Retrofit EMCS is a growing field as facilities age so does the technology that once was "State of the Art". Today's rising energy costs and available control systems that can counteract that rise, create a platform for win, win to an end user with vision.